Together Forever - Sealed With Love

Together Forever - Sealed With Love

Monday, January 27, 2014

And Then There Was One.....

This house has 2 stairways. No, the house is not that big. We are going to take out this cute staircase in the kitchen so we can have more room. Upstairs and downstairs. 3 feet 6 inches by 8 feet to be exact. That's desperately needed space.
Also do you see the washer and dryer? This is my kitchen! So that will be moved also to the new mudroom. My wonderful hubby, maybe I should call him Handy Dave, or Handsome Dave, but anyhoo, he took out the stairs and put in floor! YAY! That cute handrail was given away so someone else could enjoy a new and fun project.
I should say that yes he has done this before. A lot. Construction that is :) Now this is our other stairway. Not near as cute or inviting as the last. YET. Give me some time! I have a few ideas. Thank goodness for Pinterest!
This will be the new staircase into the basement. Also my laundry and mud room. I am so excited to have a mud room! I am trying to organize my house and make it easier to keep clean. I really think a place for the shoes and coats and backpacks will help me immensely! So I am really excited to get this room done too.

And so the demo begins......

So the first thing we decided to tackle were the 2 bedrooms on the main floor. We are turning them into the master bedroom and master bathroom. We closed off the one bedroom from the hallway and made an entrance into the other bedroom, which will be the bathroom. Now we have to figure out the layout of the bathroom. It seems like a good amount of space for a bathroom, but we may be struggling with this for a few weeks. We are trying to keep the window where it is. We do not want to cut any brick at this point. We are also removing all the interior doors and trim to update them. All floor coverings are also coming up. This started out as so much fun!

New House

Well obviously I am years behind. We moved about 6 weeks ago. We bought a house that needs a little bit of love to make it our own. It is a 1972 ranch. Here are the before pictures. I am super excited about the large family room with the green carpet and gas fireplace and mantle! It will get a makeover, so that will be fun! New kitchen, baths, and can you believe the basement? 1972 flashback for sure! Yes that is rock vinyl on the walls. We found some on the floor in a closet once we started demo! I will post some updated pics as we get work done!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mud Volleyball

I don't know if any of the kids do too much work the last week of school! Today the high school kids played mud volleyball. Lexi said she would have had more fun if it hadn't started to hail! This weather has been so crazy! We have had tons and tons of rain. I guess lots of rain makes for great mud volleyball!

Caden's May Day Program

Caden had his May Day Program today. I remember doing a May Day Program when I was a kid, and it was always so much fun to do the May Pole. The 5th graders do the May Pole at Caden's school. Caden's class sang some songs and did a dance. The theme was "You've Got A Friend"

Colton's Art Show

Colton had his end of year Art Show. His choir sang a few songs, and they displayed some of their projects they had worked on. Colton made this great treasure chest. I am sure that of all his classes, Colton will miss shop the most!


Well Lexi got a job! She is pretty excited about working at Fred's. They do have the best cheese stix and fresh limes! She wasn't too excited for me to come in and take her picture, but I did manage to get a few!